De gauche à droite:  Maxime Lhermet, Patrice Ajas, Olivier Haas, Olivier Ajas
ART COMPULSION is an art gallery in Montpellier (France) and also an online art gallery whose aim is to make contemporary art accessible to as many people as possible no longer do you have to be an "expert", or  do you have to enter stern and stuffy art galleries to be able to view quality works of art.
The group behind the project is made up of four art lovers. They are collectors, webmasters, and artists, who are hoping to expand the visibility and reputation of their chosen artists and to facilitate access and sales of online art, while at the same time promoting an eclectic mix of contemporary art. All of this by offering established and emerging artists of a high standard.
The gallery will bring people wishing to acquire a work of art and the artist closer together by showing works in short videos and by opening the doors to artists’ studios, virtually. This will allow you to discover, behind the scenes, art in the making. It is through this voyage of discovery that you can find your true favourites!
COMPULSION ART is committed to providing support to the buyer. We wish to advise the beginner who is making their first acquisition as well as helping the serious collector to complete acquisitions or expand their collection to include new trends in contemporary art. We are also able to advise companies that wish to invest in art and take advantage of certain tax benefits while supporting living artists.

Since 1 June 2017 The Art Compulsion Gallery opened Polygone of Montpellier, 1 Rue des Pertuisanes.


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