Saré Evgenia

Born in 1959 in Yerevan, Armenia, Saré graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts in her hometown. Along with her job as a set designer (over 40 productions in theater and 4 in cinema), she explored several techniques to give life to her characters, ranging from ceramics to bronze sculptures, through etching and monotype. Since her moving to Paris in 1991, she devoted herself almost entirely to oil painting. Her works are in many private collections and museums.

"My only motivation to paint is the pleasure that I get from the painting process. I feel good with my characters which are sweet, nice, stylish, and most of all, very human. I always work, even when I have no pencil or paintbrush in my hand, every look, every move, every word, every passerby, everything around me fill up my painter's treasury. I refine my characters, I take away the malice, the bitterness, the gray veil of daily hassles, and they continue their life in my paintings, in serenity and happiness." Saré

Solo Exhbitions

2016 (April) Galerie am Roten Hof - Vienna, Austria

2016 (March) MELKART Gallery-Paris, France

2015 (October) Galerie "EDITION 88", Luxembourg

2015 (July) Hilton Columbus Downtown, Columbus, Ohio, USA

2015 (March-April) Ane bleu Gallery, Marciac, France

2015 (March) MOUVANCES Gallery - Paris, France

2014 Klaipedos Galerija, Klaipeda, Lithuania

2014 Slavic University, Yerevan, Armenia

2014 Lithuanian Museum Of Theater, Music and Cinema, Vilnius, Lithuania

2014 Kelme Area Museum, Kelme, Lithuania

2014 Communications History Museum, Kaunas, Lithuania

2013 (July) A MUSE GALLERY, Columbus, Ohio, USA

2013 (June) Galerie "EDITION 88", Luxembourg

2012 (July-August) Cultural Arts Center - Columbus, Ohio, USA

2012 (July) Galerie "EDITION 88", Luxembourg

2012 (February-March) MOUVANCES Gallery - Paris, France

2010 (May-July) Galerie "EDITION 88", Luxembourg

2010 (March-April) Galerie MOUVANCES, Paris, France

2009 (May) A MUSE GALLERY, Columbus, Ohio, USA

2009 Talbot Gallery, Paris, France

2008 MOUVANCES Gallery - Paris, France


2008 THUILLIER Gallery - Paris, France

2008 A MUSE GALLERY, Columbus, Ohio, USA

2006 A MUSE GALLERY, Columbus, Ohio, USA

2006 (May) MOUVANCES Gallery - Paris, France

2004 (August-October) ARTISTICALLY BENT, Columbus, Ohio, US

2004 (May-June) FONDATION TAYLOR, Paris, France

2004 (May-June) GALLERY OPUS, Cleveland, Ohio, US

2004 Cultural Arts Center - Columbus,Ohio, US

2003 Artists' Union - Yerevan, Armenia

2003 Carmen Cassé Gallery - Paris, France

2000 GRAF Gallery - Heidelberg, Germany

1999 Lorenzi Diamond Centre - Paris, France

1998 Francis Poulenc Municipal Conservatoire - Paris, France

1996 Francis Poulenc Municipal Conservatoire - Paris, France

1995 "Faces…" - Central House of Artists - Moscow, Russia

1994 "Monotypes'94" at the Galerie Les Cent - Paris

1993 "Par suite d'encombrements..." at the Galerie Les Cent - Paris

1992 "Memories" at the Galerie Les Cent - Paris, France

1988 Union of Theatrical Workmen - Gdansk, Poland

1988 Experimental Theatre - Yerevan, Armenia

1987 Artists' Union - Bydgoszcz, Poland

1987 Artists' Union - Yerevan, Armenia

1984 Union of Theatrical Workmen - Yerevan, Armenia


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