Vergues Nadine

A sensational turn of events

One day, on a beautiful day, a windy day, a rainy day, her whole life was to be changed by a strange encounter - in the middle of a pile of industrial rubbish! “One day, by chance”, she says, “I came across a piece of industrial felt, the stuff you use, among other things, to insulate cars. This discovery came as a shock, and I realized that day that I was to be a sculptor. All I had to do was to find out how to use this rough, rudimentary substance. It was love at first sight. I developed a new vocabulary and a technique. Adapting the tools that are usually used for iron and wood, a soldering iron became my right hand. I would burn, distort and corrode the felt, mistreat and slash it, and using automatic gestures I would create a story. Since then, inhabited by an irrepressible frenzy of creation, I have worked tirelessly. Today, this substance holds no secrets to me; the war is no longer between the two of us, we are allied for the best. The war is now against time and I have tocatch up.”

Poetic ? Political !

Nadine Vergues sees what other people don’t see. Where others see an object, trash, dirt or depression, she sees life, potential, hope. From out of the rubbish she makes ghostly beings emerge, who tell of their suffering, solitude, revolt, sharing and love. She gives a voice to armies of humans who have been reduced to silence. Her work is eminently political, she fights against misguided beliefs and clichés. It’s impossible to tie her down or give her a label. She uses textiles, yes, but industrial textiles, and moulds them with a welder’s tools. Her sculptures are imposing and yet light. Light? Yes, but not fragile, and also resistant in every sense of the term, for they will resist to fashion, to time, and to the transience of a moment. “Every day I dig deep into my heart,” says Nadine. “I am profoundly sincere in every act and each item I make, without being deceitful or condescending to anyone or to anything. I am free and authentic.” Nadine Vergue’s creation expresses the power which is buried in the hearts of people, the revolt of the excluded and degraded who use their hands and creative energy to express themselves. It’s not surprising that people in other continents are interested in her work and that her sculptures are to be sent abroad; they speak to the universal soul and the heart of humanity.

Nadine Vergues



Cultural Centre of Agen in March and April

Gourdon, a chapel, in May

ART BUSAN, international Art Fair of Seoul, (Korea) in May

Séance de dédicace, galerie Carré d’Artistes de Séoul,

from 23th to 26th June

Espace Culturel de Rignac, in Juillet and August

ArtQuercy, Caussade, in August

Salon Outsider Demin, in August

Art3f Bruxelles, in September

Salon d’Automne Paris, in October

Servian (Aude) in November


Les Hivernales de Bonsécours

L’Usine à Zabu, Evreux in April

Délires de lires Am Arts, Chartres

Espace Gibert, Lézignan-Corbières in June

Guest at the franco-brazilian week in Sao Paulo

ART BUSAN, international Art Fair of Seoul, (Korea)

Personal exhibition at Yes Art Galery, Belgium

Art3f Lyon and Montpellier


L’Aiguille en Fête with Ze-Art Gallery

Lille Art Fair with the gallery of Nicole Gogart

Bann’Art Festival of strange art in Bannes, Ardèches

Biennial of Contemporary Art in Chateauneuf in Thymerais


Lille Art Fair with the gallery of Nicole Gogat

Chateau de Fumel in August

Selection for Artextures

Yes Art Gallery in Sint-Idesbald, Belgium

Espace Culturel, Millau

Culturel Centre, Rieupeyroux


Lille Art Fair with the gallery of Nicole Gogat

BJ Artgallery, Paris in June

Clavreul Galery, Paris, in August

GOGAT Gallery, Aigues-Mortes in September

Art Gent, Belgium with Ze Art Gallery


Selection Artextures; itinerant exhibitions

Bienniale WTA-Aire in Mexico

Autres Mathilde in Caen, Calvados

IRMACC, St Etienne in the Loire

“Dessiner la dentelle”, Calais, Pas de Calais

St-Art, Strasbourg with the Gogat Gallery


Commande of the Jean Boudou Museum

Personal exhibition at Le Vieux Moulin, Millau, Aveyron


No Artworks for this Artist


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