Smolec Michel

I am a self-made man.

When, more than fifteen years ago, I found at last in me strength to express what had forever been worrying me, I only worked on clay. Very soon, I started using several colours of clays. But I never was tempted by varnishes, ceramic engobes, etc. I like colours to be natural, and harmoniously play with each other.

Everybody understood that my first sculptures were most psychological, quite narrative. They gave me leave to tell of my sorrows, my joys, my encounters and sometimes my indignations. Then, I came to taller beings. And, finally, I kneaded couples.

I always work spontaneously, without any idea what the individual "to come" will be. I start with the legs, almost always incomplete, and I knead up hollow. After a time, when the work may collapse, I make some kind of scaffolding to support it, until clay has dried. That retaining gives me the possibility to niggle without fear, breasts, sexes, hair chiefly, that I like sophisticated. And I wait…

Creating some and others, I every time exult seeing them laugh, taunt their little neighbours, always be very provocative.

Later, I started drawing with fatty pastels, generally on wood, that I mostly found along streets. My drawings are much more complicated to explain than sculptures. And when someone asks me why I always add too many eyes, why the number of people "really" on the support is not evident, why I often mix phantasms and reality, I really do not know what to answer !

Recently, I started painting ! Another vey surprising experience, that I am very far from having explored ! And everybody has some fun because this new series is a little hussy. But I never wish to be violent or vulgar !

Whatever it may be, sculpture, drawing or painting, I am particularly happy in each creation.

Michel Smolec

A self-made man, Michel Smolec has been carving and drawing for about fifteen years, giving free course to his creativity. The first sculptures, monochrome and made of natural earth, represent individuals difficultly merging from primitive gangue, raw works announcing the triumph of vital energy.

By and by, his creatures become more human. Some women appear, with generous curves, buxom, breasts and sexes obvious, their eroticism somewhat aggressive. The artist also switches to satire and has fun staging characters that illustrate the foibles of our society, for instance "Honey", "An artists' date" which gibe at these artists' vanity, so pleased with themselves : a lived memory.

Later, come the couples, proof that men and women can at last live together. Yet, Michel Smolec has a very personal vision of their relationships : Most men wear a suit or at least trousers ; and women are almost naked, more erotic than if they were completely naked, with their half-boots lending to phantasms and their loose jackets opened on their breasts. These couples seem to live a merry and frank eroticism ; aggressiveness has disappeared.

The contrast is all the more striking with pencil and fatty pastel drawings, much more over-elaborate. Female bodies, with pronounced sexes, are hardly sketched, but faces impress by their large mouths underlined with red, and chiefly by their wide blue eyes, asymmetric, their number often unpaired, disturbing. Before these bodies and faces both mixed and dissociated that perturb our vision, we do not know any more how many characters we are dealing with. Therefore, prevails a sense of strangeness and uneasiness.

These two aspects of Michel Smolec's work, now quite distinct, are inseparable. They do belong to the same person : on one side, sculptures opened on life ; and on the other, enigmatic and fascinating drawings where the artist's secret cracks and injuries still appear.

Colette Pilletant-Rey, teacher in Paris, 2009

Recent exhibitions

2010 : « Biennale d’Art singulier » d’Aubagne (13400).

           « Biennale de l’Art partagé » de Rives (38140).

2011 : « Musée de l’Erotisme », Paris (75018).

           « Art singulier, Art d’aujourd’hui » : XIe Festival de Banne (07460).

           « Grand Baz’Art à Bézu » : Bézu Saint-Eloi (27660).

          " Festival international d'Art singulier" : Saint-Amant Roche Savine (63890)

          « Céramiques insolites » : Cloître de Saint-Galmier (Loire).

2012 : Exposition collective : Chapelle de l'Observance, Draguignan ;

         APACOP : Exposition collective : Ecole supérieure de Commerce, 63000 Clermont-Ferrand

         Fondation Laurentiu Dimisca : BUCAREST (Roumanie) : Musée de la Ville / Musée des Paysans / Bibliothèque nationale.

2013 : " Rencontre internationale d'Art singulier" : Marsac-en-Livradois (63940).

         « Grand Baz’Art à Bézu » : Bézu Saint-Eloi (27660).

         "50e Salon de printemps" : Sergines (89140)

2014 : "Exposition Art actuel" : Galerie Zand'Art Carcassonne (11000).

         "Art singulier, Art d'aujourd'hui" : XXIIIe Festival de BANNE (07460)

         Tableau "Lupanar 2" : Musée d'Art naïf et marginal : JAGODINA (Serbie) : Cette seconde œuvre sélectionnée fait désormais partie de la Collection permanente du musée.

2015: "Festival Singulièrement vôtre" : MONTPELLIER (34000).

         "Grand Baz'Art" : GISORS (27140)

          "Salon d'Art singulier" : Hôtel Central Piaza, PIETRA NEAMT (Roumanie).

2016 : "Festival Biz'Art" : HAN-SUR-LISSE (Belgique)

           Invitation à : OSTEN BIENNIAL OF DRAWNG 2016, à Osten World Gallery, SKOPJE (Macedoine).

         Galerie R9 : SAINT-SAUVEUR EN PUISAYE

         / Salon d'Art Brut Outsider et Singulier : MEYSSE (07400.

         "Terre d'histoire. Histoire de terre" : Festival de BANNE (07460)


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Musée de l’Aracine. VILLENEUVE D’ASCQ. (Pas-de-Calais)                                  

Collection Cérès Franco d’Art Contemporain. LAGRASSE (Aude)

Musée de l’Art en Marche. LAPALISSE (Allier).

Musée d'Art naïf et marginal JAGODINA (Serbie).


Osten GALLERY : SKOPJE (République de Macédoine)


L’AMATEUR N° 120 D’ALAIN et BLANCHE-MARIE ARNEODO : « Michel Smolec » par Jeanine Rivais.

L’AMATEUR N° 244   : « Michel Smolec et ses créations de terre » Par Jeanine Rivais.


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