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"Carbajal calls his particular style of painting “Urban+Primitive,” an appropriate moniker for the rough, childlike scrawlings and cut-and-paste collages that inhabit his strange dreamworlds. His newest installation, Romancing Banality, is meant to be crude—challenging your notions of art by arranging his work in a sort of garbage-inspired, haphazard mess. Canvasses hanging from the ceiling block your path through the gallery (formerly the Dome Stadium Tavern), while others jut out at you from the wall, threatening to poke you in the eye.

There’s even stuff scattered on the floor that you have to step around. “Painting at its root is not problem-solving, but is an appositional creation,” Carbajal says of the show, which he claims is a “forging [of] artless-ness and bad painting” intended to question traditional conceptions of successful art. Basquiat’s street art is an obvious influence on Carbajal’s spatially playful, almost chaotic approach to the usually controlled gallery environment."

Kelton Sear, Seattle Weekly, Dec 2013

Lyle Carbajal is an American born artist working in a style possessed of a primitive energy, as well as sophistication of detail that’s incredibly diverse and unique. His work, which he describes as existing somewhere between the vernacular and contemporary avant garde, has been shown internationally and associated with such organizations as The British Consulate in Los Angeles; Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA)-Seattle and Made in New Orleans Television program. Alternatively to fine art, Lyle has enjoyed an 20+ year career as an award winning art director, designer and illustrator, working primarily from Chicago, San Francisco, Nashville, Salt Lake City and Buenos Aires, for such names as Google; MTV Networks; The British Consulate; The Cartoon Network; Nickelodeon; The Utah Gallivan Center; Gibson Guitars and Claro’ Mobile in Argentina. Concurrently to working in the corporate arena, his ‘finer art’ has also garnered international acclaim–exhibiting at Museu de Estremoz in Portugal; Art Chicago; The National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago; Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA) Seattle; The Raw Arts Festival in London, La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles and The Mark Rothko Museum in Latvia while participating in an artist residency in Daugavpils, the countries second largest city. Romancing Banality –Lyle’s ambitious, traveling, multi-media installation is in it’s fourth installment in Houston Texas.

Lyle’s mixed and colorful career, coupled with extensive travel, has seen him participating in a demestic PeaceCorp program working primarily in the southern United States while a professional member of the Tenncare Saves Lives Coalition, solving issues relating to Tennessee healthcare. During this time, he coordinated seminars with The Legal Aid Society in Nashville to ensure free and accessible legal information to senior citizens and also working with Vanderbilt University as a Federation Specialist, helping to raise over $800.000 for the Nashville community; The Tennessee Senior Games and the Martin Luther King Memorial in Memphis Tennessee.In 2010, Lyle spent the better part of the year, living in Buenos Aires, while finishing work on his first book, Urban+Primitive: The Art of Lyle Carbajal, which garnered excellent reviews the following year. Lyle is currently represented by CG2 Gallery in Nashville TN; The Frederick Holmes Gallery in Seattle, WA; Gallery Orange in New Orleans LA; Edgar Modern in The United Kingdom; Galerie du Temple and Galerie Gabel in France.

He currently lives and works in Houston TX and New Orleans.


Showing at Art Southampton - New York

July 7-11, 2016

w/ Artemisia Gallery- New York + Paris + London


April 22 - May 27, 2016. Opening reception Saturday, May 7, 2016

@ CG2 Gallery - Nashville

Showing @ JazzFest New Orleans - 2016

April 18 - May 1, 2016

returning to Galerie Orange in New Orleans.

Romancing Banality: Painting+Sculpture+Film+Music - opening in Houston January 2017

Summer 2016

Romancing Banality–The multi-media traveling installation will be in opening in Houston for it's fourth installment January 27, 2017 at Art League Houston.

Exhibition coming to Seattle in 2016

March, 2016

An exhibition of new work coming to the Frederick Holmes Gallery in Seattle Washington March of 2016.

A catalog of the work will be produced and available through The Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA)-Seattle

Showing at The London Art Fair - 2016

January 20-24, 2016

with Edgar Modern - booth BA1 2EE

Business Design Centre -

London, England

Showing at ArtUp! artfair in Lille, France - Feb 2016

Feb 25 - 28, 2016

Returning to ArtUp! in Lille, France with Galerie Gabel.

Showing at the Affordable Art Fair in New York - Sept. 9-13, 2015

Returning to The Affordable Art Fair on after AAF London earlier this year.


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