GUY is a painter from Montreal in Canada. After working for several years in the field of cinema and show business, in 2011 he moved to France to devote himself entirely to painting.
Born into a popular Montreal neighborhood, very early he devoted himself to drawing and painting. A small library of his district quickly became his main source of inspiration with a few books on painting from which he discovered George Braque in his Cubist period, the Impressionist period, to name only those. During that time, his father introduced him to the Canadian landscape painter Leo Ayotte. His influence led him to paint landscapes in oil with some tubes that her sister offering him a birthday. At the same time, he discovered the Ozias Leduc painters, Marc Aurèle Fortin (for whom he has great admiration and deep). During those years, he practiced making reproductions of paintings of modern art.
A few years later in 1992, he graduated from the University of Quebec in Montreal and graduated B.A Bachelor of Arts (License) in Fine Arts. During his studies he participated in several group exhibition in Montreal; Rat-D'art Art-Ere, Transition .. Besides drawing and painting, he studied photography, video, film animation and sculpture installation. He discovers that multidisciplinary directs, at the end of his studies towards training in video creation dance in the dance department at the University of Quebec in Montreal.
He discovered the language and body expression with the collaboration of professional dancers (as improvisation and thematic background) is through the eyes of a camera and an experimental approach that made three videos ( Espace Vital, Dichotomie and Digital Corps et Graphic) which will be presented in several festivals in Canada and Europe such as the Le 3e Mondial de la vidéo of Brussels, Belgium, 1992 Cabaret Studio 303 Montréal, Canada 1993 Première manifestation de vidéo et art électronique Montreal 1993 Les rendez vous du Cinéma Québécois Montreal 1994. Digital Corps et Graphic and was acquired in 1998 (Kultur und Medien SK Stiftung Kultur) of the city of Cologne in Germany.
In 1993 he obtained a help create the above. Haut 3e Imperial (in Visual Art Center) of Granby in Canada and a grant for the realization of a video art from the University of Quebec in Montreal.
At the end of his studies, he worked in various workshops of decorations, such as carpenter, painter and photographer, mainly in building sets for the theater. His experience allows him to obtain positions in the world of theater, concert hall and for several years until 2010, he worked in the film industry in many productions in the scenery and stage management.
For years, having professional life leaves little room for individuality and this need unexpressed painting, thinking about their career choice is self-same. He decided to make a return call without painting. That is why, in 2010, he decided to leave Canada and live in France.
Today he devotes himself entirely to his pictorial approach. "My past experience has become an obvious ally in my daily painting".


 1985 -Rat D’art (Exposition d’arts visuels et multi média)

           College du Vieux Montréal, Canada

1986 - Art-Ere

           College du Vieux Montreal, Canada

1987- Encan d’œuvres d’Art

           Centre d’Art Diffusion III Montréal, Canada

1989- Transition/De l’idée à l’image, de l’art à l’écrit

           Galerie de l’Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada

1990- Photographe d’un soir (Sculpture installation)

           Théâtre de l’Université du Québec de Montréal, Canada

1991- Soirée Vidéo au Café des Arts

           Café des Arts, Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada

1992- Prière de toucher/Exposition concours, Prix Duchamp-Villon

           Galerie d’art du college Edouard Montpetit, Canada

1992- Matiere et mémoire (Sculpture installation)(Festival multidisciplinaire)

           Complexe municipal ville de Le Gardeur, Canada

1993- Zero Point (diffusion de la trame sonore d’une création vidéo (Espace Vital)

           CKLN Toronto, Canada

1993- Cabaret Cold Filtered/ Filtré à froid (Diffusion du vidéo Espace Vital)

           Studio 303 Montreal, Canada

1993- 3e Mondial de la Vidéo

           Bruxelles, Belgique

1993- Première manifestation Internationale Vidéo et Art Électronique

           Champs Libre Montréal, Canada

1993- Récipiendaire d’une aide à la création et résidence d’artiste (atelier)

           Centre d’essai en Arts Visuels Haut 3e Impérial, Granby Canada

1993- Conférence sur la recherche audio-visuelle, spatiale et sonore dans le cadre de la    réalisation d’une installation. Centre d’essai en Arts Visuels Haut 3e Impérial, Granby Canada

1993- Bourse pour la réalisation d’un vidéo D’Art

           Université du Québec à Montréal

1994- Les 12e Rendez-vous du cinéma Québécois

           Montréal, Canada

25 Octobre au 6 novembre 1993- ( Vidéotron Ltée/Chaine télé Canadienne Montréal, Canada ( Diffusion dans le cadre de l’émission Spécial Inter-9 des Vidéos Dichotomie et Digital Corps et Graphic

Octobre 1992- ( Vidéotron Ltée/Chaine télé Canadienne Montréal, Canada Entrevue dans le cadre de l’émission A voir s’il vous plait pour le vidéo Espace Vital.

1992- Diffusion et critique du vidéo Espace Vital dans le cadre de l’émission Tracé Libre.

1998- Collection Kultur Und Medien

Cologne, Allemagne

Acquisition du vidéo Digital Corps et Graphic

2012- Salon International de la peinture contemporaine, Guebviller, France

         - Le salon de novembre, Galerie Thuillier, Paris, France

2015- Flux/The Rag Factory London, UK

2016- 1. Muestra Iberoamericana, San Bernardo, Cundinamarca, Colombie


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