Annliz Bonin aka Anxiogène, was born on December 5, 1977.

Lives and works in Caen, Normandy.

Annliz Bonin aka Anxiogène has the own unusual path to many self-taught.

Jack of all, she navigates between photography, installations, performance and object creation...

In 12 years of practice as an author - artist, she has managed to create a small world protean, where baroque scenes set alongside more refined projects.

Two pillars underpinning its work and intermingle according to the project :

- Research on the body, a primarily female body, alternately sleeping, deified or mutant,

- An acute awareness of temporality in its most inevitable aspects (entropy and death) as the most poetic (memory, dreams, memories ).


- décembre 2015, exposition de 8 tirages cyanotype de la série "Les Cérémonies Immobiles" lors d'une exposition collective à la Galerie Lapage (Caen)

- octobre 2014, exposition personnelle "Golem" au pavillon de Normandie (Caen) lors du festival Nördik Impakt

- mai 2013, exposition collective "Belles Mécaniques" à la galerie L'Artefacteur (Brest)

- février 2013, exposition collective "Times flies" à la galerie L'antre-Temps (Rennes)

- janvier 2013, exposition personnelle "Les Femmes-objets" au cinéma Lux (Caen)

- mai/juin 2012, exposition collective "Le Cabaret Organique", galerie éphémère, Paris 2ème

- mars 2011, "Broken-dolls", exposition personnelle à l'église du Vieux Saint-Sauveur (Caen)


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