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Annie Gabrielle Mallet is a french ceramist...

Annie Mallet: Just life!

                 by Francis Parent

 Despite appearing more than 10 millennia ago in the Far East and reaching near perfection 25 centuries ago in ancient Greece, ceramics has since continued to remain the poor cousin of "Art" with a capital "A". Of course, in the modern era there have been renowned artists of the likes of Dufy, Picasso, Miró et al. who have renewed the interest in ceramics and expressed themselves using this technique. But industrial mass, taking precedence over artistic originality, has forced "keramikos"(Greek term meaning clay)to, at worst, be relegated to the creation of merely utilitarian objects, or, at best, to be defined as one of the "Decorative Arts". It was not until recent decades that new generations of artists considered ceramics not only as a creative side-interest, but as a kind of "formalism" in and of itself, a medium with its own specific constraints, but also one with its own unique possibilities. With the crucible wherein these new forms are fired, held at over 1000 °: there is also that which can unexpectedly be brought to life. Thus, thanks to artists like Gerard Bignolais, Jacky Coville, Nilly Pincas, Bernard Thomas-Roudeix et al. and their innovative earth practices, new generations can now fully express their sensibilities with this multi-millennial technique.

From this point of view, the work of Annie Mallet, which is part of these "new ceramics", is certainly the most striking example of a completely successful osmosis between the artist's own sensitivity and the sensitivity and sensuality that belongs to the material itself. Freeing her imagination in shapes, colors, and textures that are otherwise unobtainable, she updates fears, angers, joys and phantoms that are often repressed; they become more individualized or more social. In her sculptures, allusions-both conscious and unconscious- to the history of art (Raoul Haussmann, Richard Lindner, etc.) can be found, as well as evocations- both conscious and unconscious- of sexuality. And once again, this is discussed in a more "realistic" fashion (albeit with humor) by the exacerbation of feminine attributes, or more metaphorically, with representations of stumps or trunks of trees, essential elements of "landscape", which seem to bear a resemblance to the human body ever since Merleau-Ponty.

Oxidized grog ceramic is layered to achieve these wonderful effects of desired or random translucency (as with this child glass bead additionally lodged on a piece during its firing); there are embedded, mobile, or even vibrating parts (the beginning of life). These enameled earths, full of meaning, are therefore much more than "Decorative Art". Not to exclude the consciousness of the inevitable (as in the Mexican tradition that combines Death masks and vibrant colors), in short, the Art of Annie Mallet invites us to enjoy, with a critical and amused distance, the inexhaustible spectacle of life.

Solo exhibitions

2004 : Atelier de la Main d’Or à Paris 11ème

2005 : Office de tourisme de Montier-En-Der (52)

2006 : Salle Victor Duruy, Cluny (71)

2007 : Maison des Arts et de la Culture de Lieusaint (77)

     Le Vent des Mots, Lannemezan (65)

2009 : Espace 1900, Luxembourg

2016 : Halle Roublot, Fontenay sous Bois (93)

Group exhibitions

2006 : Salon de la céramique et du verre, Galerie François 1° Aubigny sur Nère (18)

       Singul’ART, Lyon (69)

       Petits formats, Galerie François 1° Aubigny sur Nère (18)

       Salon de la Sculpture du 11°, Paris 11ème

       Sixième Rencontre d’Art Contemporain du centre Carpeaux, Paris 18ème

2007 : Singul’ART, Lyon (69), Tirez les rois

       Galerie François 1° Aubigny sur Nère (18) l’art au féminin

       Singul’ART, Lyon (69) et Mac de Pérouges (01), Art mobile

       Salon de Printemps, Musée Espace automobile Matra, Romorantin (41)

     Singul‘Art, Lyon (69) Sous les Pavés,

       Salon d‘art contemporain ARTEC Blois/Chouzy (41)

       Singul’ART, Lyon (69), Sans Papiers

       Halle au Blé Montier-En-Der (52),Terre,

       Singul’ART, Lyon (69), Libertin’Art

2008 : Ministère des finances, Paris (75)

       La tête dans les étoiles, Singul’ART, Lyon (69)et Mac de Pérouges (01)

       Sans Papiers, Mairie du 8ème arrondissement, Mairie du 1er arrondissement, Espace d’art La Brèche, MJC Vieux Lyon, Lyon (69), Fête de l’humanité à Villeurbanne (69)          

       Passion céramique, Praz sur Arly (74)

       Singul’ART, Lyon (69), galerie de portraits

2009 : Eros, Maison de la céramique contemporaine Giroussens (81)

     Toute ma vie j’ai rêvé... Singul‘Art, Lyon (69)

     La première fois, Mairie du 8ème arrondissement de Lyon, MJC du Vieux Lyon, La brèche

       Espace d'art , Lyon 5, Lyon (69)

       Besoin de Toi(t), Galerie Singul’Art, Lyon (69)

       Ministère des finances, Paris (75)

       Céramique insolite, Saint Galmier (42)

       Les journées de la terre, Viaduc des Arts, Paris (75)

2010 : Portes Ouvertes des Ateliers de Ménilmontant, Crypte de l’église de Ménilmontant, Paris 20ème

2011 : Salon de Bry sur Marne (94)

     Céramistes mal élevés, musée de l’érotisme, Paris (75)

     Exposition d’Eté, Thermes Magnoac (65)

     Festival d’Art désordonné, Auxerre (89)

     20ème Arrivage, 6 rue Larivey, Troyes (10)

2012 : BOOMT, Galerie Lulu Mirette, Toulouse (31)

   Sculpterre, Saint-Amant en Puisaye (58)

     Salon ACAP, Champigny (94)

2014 :Ville héro(t)ïque, galerie « A l’Ecu de France » Viroflay (78)

     Spontané et imaginaire, château de Waroux, Alleur (Ans), Belgique

     Octobre Rose, galerie « le26 » Paris (75)

2015: Reg’Art Actuel, Chapelle des Sépulcrines, Visé (Belgique)

     Crayons la liverté, galerie « le26 » Paris (75)

     Un jour à Gensac de Boulogne, Gensac de Boulogne (31)

     Carnet de jardin, Jardin des plantes à couleurs, Essertine en Donzy (42)

     Artcité 2015, fontenay sous Bois (93)

     Reg’art actuel, Espace Bernier, Waterloo (Belgique)

2016 : Spontané et imaginaire, château de Waroux, Alleur (Ans), Belgique


Salon d‘automne à Paris (2005, 2008)

Salon d’Automne en Espagne (2006)

Festival de la Sculpture et du Marbre, Saint Béat (31) (2006, 2007, 2009)

Festival d’Art Singulier de Banne (07) (2008, 2010)

Biennale d’art contemporain de Montmagny (95) (2009)

Festival d’Art singulier, « Courant d’Art », (28), (de 2009 à 2014)

Festival international d’Art singulier, Aubagne (13) (2010)

Festival d’Art Actuel, Dives-sur-Mer (14) (2012)

Comparaisons, groupe de Joël Crespin « Expressions Singulière » Paris (2013, 2014)

Festival Art en Scène, Saint-Aubin-lès-Elbeuf (76) (2014)

Salon 109 (2015)

Biennale Hors les Normes, Lyon


Artcité 2015

Bibliography :

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