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Anne Jebeily is a French artist, painter, sculptor...

Thought process

Prelude, in order to set the scene…

Of course the world or words and the world of images are very different. Finding words is so difficult… I am also attracted by words, they have their beauty and meanings both literal and figurative, but sometimes words are traps, shutting doors and closing windows.

In order to tell you, I would say that my universe is a theatre populated by characters which troupe gets bigger along the way. They question what move us, what overwhelm us, what scare us, transport us. Those imaginary portraits populate this scenery, sometimes strange, terrifying, serene or anguished, happy and astonished…

I draw what hurts and what feels good: I do what can’t be said.

The figures disfigure themselves. I consider them, I grasp them with inks… I paint them. I used to sew them, less now. I am trying to “rediscover what was known” but forgotten by creating a picture but also by looking at it. I think about life, our humanity, and our dreams.

For some time now, a scenery appears, shady forests, sketched trees. Semblance of skies and flying heads are other actors of what is happening.

To paint is to be in the action, therefore in the poetry. Tragedy, emotion, torment, serenity, to die and to love. Then it is time to draw away from them. Once on the wall or on the floor, my inks and paintings are autonomous. Then I have to make another one, let things happen and listen.

Paper is my favourite territory, but I also love working on canvas, sometimes with dirt and cloth.

I have always been attracted to dark inks as much as deep and mysterious waters.

Anne Jebeily

Traduction: Candice Danabé

Exhibitions (Selection)


  • Galerie Sauvage Dumas, (19 mars 16 Avril) Civray(86)

  • Hang-Art (23 mars 20 mai) Saffré (44)

  • ChaBal, (1mai-22mai) Sauve (30)

  • Salon d’Art Singulier (4 -10 mai) Canaules (30)

  • Dévisage, office du Tourisme (20 mai-18 juin) Saint Afrique (12)

  • Peinture et dessin à Camili-Book (14-31 juillet) Avignon (84)

  • Artcompulsion, galerie en ligne

  • Artothèque Asso Babart, Nîmes, Bagnols/Seze, Pont Saint Esprit toute l’année (30)

  • Salon L’épicerie d’art , Nov 2016, Clermont Ferrand (63)


  • Salon Artempo, Cugnaux(31)

  • Maison de Quartier des Quefets, peintures du jour et de la nuit, Tournefeuille (31)

  • Maison de Quartier des Quefets, photos Tournefeuille (31)

  • Les plumes du paon, Avignon, (84)

  • L’Epicerie de L’Art, association Babart, Collias (30)


  • Salon des Mythimages, Peintures et dessins, Marciac (32)

  • Babart, Pont du Gard (30)


  • Cha-Bal, peintures et dessins, Sauve (30)

  • Galerie du Temple, peintures, dessins et sculptures, Saint Germain de Calberte (48)

  • Chapelle de Saint André de Sévanes, peintures et dessins, Saint Paul les Fonds (30)

  • Biennale Hors les Normes, sculptures céramique et textile, Lyon (69)


  • Installation de sculptures céramiques dans la grotte de Trabuc, Mialet (30)

  • Galerie du Chai, peintures et sculptures à Massillargues, (30)

  • Babart, peintures et dessins, épicerie de l’Art, Collias (30)


  • Caveau de la Jument Rousse, peintures et dessins, Lagrasse (11)

  • Parcours d’artistes de Belœil, peintures, Beloeil, Belgique

  • Céramiques Insolites, sculptures céramiques et textile, saint Galmier (42)

  • Babart, épicerie de l’Art, peintures et dessins, Collias (30)


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