Vialle Isabelle

French painter born in 70. After studies in Fine Arts in Rennes and Lille, and a brief stint in animation and graphic design in Angoulême, it is during a residency of artists in Troyes that she finds her expression in the painting she will never leave.

It began about fifteen years ago with a form inspired by the Venetian gravetians, erected like a totem occupying the space of the canvas alone, little by little have formed couples, carrying, hugging, devouring each other . Then groups of humans, without a specific face, sensations inspired by the theater of childhood. Mi vegetable, half animal, always organic. With, echoing the few years in Greece where I fed the forests of olive trees, dialogue with these tortuous trunks with human figure, which carry, like the body, the scarification of time. I explored this plant body, massive and airy, on the canvas it became the evidence of a body to dig, a body landscape between sweetness and violence that joined the Douve Yves Bonnefoy, where the beloved woman invoked by the poet, is a multiform creature between presence and erasure, human, animal, mineral.

Different series are born naturally from these encounters and subjective interactions between my own tales, these explored trees and the poetry, entangled universes, which draw the life of their own intertwining, it is a field of exploration, an adventure, which is discovered and lives in a series of experiences, a dialogue with matter in perpetual metamorphosis that continues with the intimate, to become the improbable anatomy of my emotions.

Exhibitions :

"Arcanum" Nero Gallery Officina Lanificio, Rome, 2017
Salon de Mammuti, La Flotte en Ré, 2017 et 2010
Puls'Art LE MANS, 2010, 2017
Galerie Lasecu Lille 2010, 2017
Galerie Art aujourd'hui – Paris,  2013, 2015, 2016 et 2017
Institut français de Rome avec Nero Gallery, 2016
Museum of Visual Arts HERAKLION, Crète, 2014 et 2016  
Melting Art Gallery Lille, 2015
Galerie Egregore Marmande - 2015
ArtCité - Prix de la Critique – Fontenay-sous-Bois,  2015
Nero Gallery Rome 2015
Art Up, Lille Grand Palais - 2010, 2011, 2015  
Institut Français de Thessalonique 2014   
'Odyssée' par la galerie La Louve, Arlons Belgique - 2014
Galerie Schwab Beaubourg Carte blanche à Ch. Noorbergen - Paris - 2013  
Art Up, Lille Grand Palais - 2010, 2011, 2015
'Ex Nihilo' avec StepK, Hélène Lagnieu, de Sagazan... - Le Mans - 2014
"L'HUMANITÉ" avec Rustin, Lydie Arickx, de Sagazan, Fabien Claude, Correia... Lausanne  2012  
Galerie du Rat Mort- Oostende 2011, 2012
St'Art Strasbourg (16ème édition ) 2011
Espace EQART - Marciac - 2010
Salon de Lyon sud sud-est - 2009
Salon de Mai - Espace Commines Paris  2009
Biennale d'Eragny sur Oise - "L'Art à la marge" en partenariat avec le MAM Lille Métropole 2009
Quand le visage perd sa face- St Nazaire 2009
Figuration Critique - Palais Bondy, Lyon 2007
CAC Passages Souterrain, Troyes  2006


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