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            Zoran Žugić was born in 1950 in Belgrade. He completed his elementary and secondary education in Zemun, and attended Šumatovačka school for a while, where he started drawing, using models, and engaged in sculpturing. Upon completion of secondary education he went to Paris, first as a tourist, visiting museums and galleries, and then in 1975 he settled down and enrolled at "Beaux-Arts" Art Academy. In Paris he became familiar with the world art scene. Although he knew what he had always held inside, he indulged in experimentation: Art gestuelle (Jackson Pollock, Willem De Kooning) who were close to him, as well as "Cobra" group (Karel Appel, Pierre Alechinsky, Asger Jorn), while his sensibility was also close to Art-Brut (Jean Dubuffet). Searching for total freedom he turned to himself and his inner being.

Since then, his work has been going in that direction. Zoran’s paintings are filled with strange, mineral, vegetal beings and accumulation of organic matter, suggesting collapse of civilization and transformation of the planet. In fact, it is chaos controlled by imagination and intuition. Zoran manages to create images of gentle colors and alluring atmosphere out of dramatic scenes.

 Zoran Zugic — When the boundaries of imagination no longer apply

            After exhaustive research we have come to the startling conclusion that there is no way to explain how the work of Zoran Zugic could have come into existence. His masterful technique and virtuosi would indicate a mature wisdom and educated understanding of the physical world and how it is represented in art, and all that is certainly in play here. So, how then would an accomplished self-realized artist, much less a human being, concoct images of such dizzying incomprehensibility as to shock and baffle a viewer that has made a life’s work out of suspending disbelief?

            Zugic’s realm is one where infinite varieties of unknown-life-like forms, and semi-physical objects amalgamated beyond recognizability, are seamlessly intertwined to create ghastly yet wonderful being-world-landscape-abstractions that are both realistic and unbelievable at once. His use of light and color may suggest a cheerful impressionistic scene but his decisions about what can be superimposed, juxtaposed, or even proposed at all, appear to have been made from a perspective that defies human nature’s tendency to relate to, or even deviate from, something that could exist somewhere in the known universe. The aleatoricism of Zoran Zugic’s art lies in the one-in-a-billion chance of his vision, not to mention the unlikelihood of ever coming across an artist such as he.

Aleatoric Art

             Zoran Zugic does not paint his dream, he lives in it. I feel solemn in the presence of the paintings, same as everyone, either ignorant or learned, would feel in the presence of a sacral object. And nobody is the same before and after seeing these paintings. They, in fact, evade intellectual reading, and demand from a person only the experience in its purest sense.

            What this painter offers to the observer is so much impossible that it must be real. Only a pure being can walk through these scenes, and thus, unpunished, bring back the forms and the light which does not exist anywhere – and be unhurt while doing that. Therefore I am prone to believe that Zigic’s identity is a dual one, and that he leads two separate lives interweaving each other with no consequences.

            This is a mission in which a good man has been chosen as a messenger from a parallel world, to reveal to us endemic forms, to execute a vivisection of everything existing, to show us what the path to an integral painting looks like. Therefore he is native, unique, intuitive and a monstrously powerful painter. The lack of formal recognition by the official critics can be harmful to them only.

            Of course, I am not going to turn to possible relations and associations with any artistic movements. Everything is transformed and it is possible to find roots of everything. And there is nothing new under the Sun. And again – everything is unrepeatable, honest, everything floats in a permanent surprise, in a spectacular and enchanting way. What more can a painter desire? Looking at these paintings we can see a frightening work, mycelium transformations diverged into detailed forms, threatening to leave the narrow dimensions of the painting canvas. Such inspiration and richness are so abundant that they cannot fit into a single human working life. God help his soul and our eyes. And God bless the day when this modest man decided on such endeavor.



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